Monday, June 17, 2013

Black Sabbath #1...43 years later
It might have been 43 years in the making, but Black Sabbath has released its latest album "13" and rocketed to the top of the UK music charts.

In a quote to the Telegraph in the UK, lead singer Ozzy Osbourne enforced the band's prowess in its “craft” and stated that modern music is “manufactured b*******”.

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Sabbath was a big influence when I was a teen in the mid 1970's. Now, this new album and the hit song "God is Dead?" resonate once again. Some Christian orgs may throw Ozzy under the bus with his latest lyrical effort, but I suggest we pause and contemplate the words. This song runs almost nine minutes and is value-laden with social and religious commentary:

Lost in the darkness
I fade from the light
Faith of my father, my brother, my Maker and Savior
Help me make it through the night
Blood on my conscious
And murder in mind
Out of the gloom I rise up from my tomb into impending doom
Now my body is my shrine

The blood runs free
The rain turns red
Give me the wine
You keep the bread
The voices echo in my head
Is God alive or is God dead?
Is God dead?

Rivers of evil
Run through dying land
Swimming in sorrow, they kill, steal, and borrow. There is no tomorrow
For the sinners will be damned
Ashes to ashes
You cannot exhume a soul
Who do you trust when corruption and lust, creed of all the unjust,
Leaves you empty and unwhole?

When will this nightmare be over? Tell me!
When can I empty my head?
Will somebody tell me the answer?
Is God really dead?
Is God really dead?

To safeguard my philosophy
Until my dying breath
I transfer from reality
Into a mental death
I empathize with enemy
Until the timing’s right
With God and Satan at my side
From darkness will come light

I watch the rain
And it turns red
Give me more wine
I don’t need bread
These riddles that live in my head
I don’t believe that God is dead
God is dead

Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Wondering if we will me again
On the other side
Do you believe a word
what the Good Book said?
Or is it just a holy fairytale
And God is dead?
God is Dead x4


But still the voices in my head
Are telling me that god is dead
The blood pours down
The rain turns red
I don’t believe that God is dead
God is Dead x4

It seems I have retreated to podcasts and audiobooks over music, many times assured that I have lost interest in my favorite artists. But this new work is special. I believe the authentic Sabbath remains, Ozzy still has it, and thoughtful, provoking lyrics serve to engage a new generation of listeners.

As a communication educator, it is important to stay connected to relevant messages in the media. On this day, I have found a reason to reconnect with some of the greatest rock poets of my era.

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  1. Well written. Yes, Ozzy is messed up, but if you really look at his songs (ex:I Don't Know)there is an uncertainty there. At least the lyrics encourage deeper consideration rather than meaningless words...or “manufactured b*******”.