Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sustained compassion in a busy world

I am trying to stay in the moment, in my own mind, trying to deflect away from selfish motives and urgent work related tasks.

It's amazing to see how the world can suck me away from what's truly important.

It's the ability to sustain compassion for friends who are suffering and in need.

Twenty-five years ago, I was the wounded warrior who was hurt and paralyzed and out of commission. Several friends initially came to visit, but then the weeks rolled by and life went on. I transitioned from a hospital bed to the rehab facility, but it became a lonely journey.

Now, two friends are injured and walking their own path through healing and recovery. It's strange to note that for both men, the injuries came from trees. One fell out of a tree; a tree fell on the other.

I have reached out to express sympathy. Many others have expressed hope for healing, while I lean into peace (Philippians 4:7) and strength (Isaiah 40:31).

What I am attempting - and it is difficult - is to sustain my compassion for these men. To stop and take moments away from other priorities and to get into their moment, as best I can, to embed my thoughts into theirs.  To try and reach far enough to connect to their emotions.

I am not always successful, but the attempts to conjoin myself to their suffering and struggles will continue.

I wish to accomplish more, but at some points, it's all I can muster.

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