Friday, September 6, 2013

Can "peace" be supernatural?

This morning, I went for a swim at the university aquatic center. Swimming, for me, is rather cocoon-like; it's a state of being deprived of all things - including social media.

So I swam easy and smooth, in low effort, letting my mind engage any content that flowed through it for the next hour.

Prior to swimming, my morning meditation took me into Bible Gateway. It's a nice app for both Apple and Android products ( I like to look at the verse of the day, then back that out into the entire chapter and set the words into context.

Here's what I came upon today: Jesus was wrapping up his "things to do" list here on earth and was preparing to pull the pin and head back into eternity.  He was chatting with some of his followers and said:

"I leave you peace. It is my own peace I give you. I give you peace in a different way than the world does. So don’t be troubled. Don’t be afraid."

For reference purposes, that's the book of John, the 14th chapter and the 27th verse.

Some of you might have noted my earlier post regarding Jay Erwin. Jay is a man who leads by example, in both compassion and motivation to bring everyone around him into the running lifestyle and renewed health. As I reported, things took a bad turn for Jay. A tree crushed him and at present, he's paralyzed and fighting his way back from traumatic injuries.

So, as I methodically swam laps, I was thinking, "Jay...Jesus.  Jesus...Jay." What's the connection between the two on this day? What could I possible offer Jay that would be any sort of balm for the path ahead? If Jesus' peace is supercharged, how can I know that Jay is getting some of it? How do we experience supernatural peace and what does that feel like? How could I ever ask Jay to not be troubled, or afraid, through this dark journey ahead?

I suffered a paralyzing illness in 1992. I can remember my own fear and darkness and on many occasions hoped in the simplest of terms, asking God for enough provision to make it through that day. I don't know how much of that became supernatural, but somehow I recovered.

As I slipped out of the pool, I realized that though there are many questions, offering up the suggestion that supernatural peace exists may be all I have to offer. I can't deliver miracles and surely don't know how to see the world through Jay's perspective. So I have to leave it there, with a prayer for Jay on Jesus' doorstep.

The apostle Paul said the greatest things are peace, hope and love. I hope all three fall on Jay in a big way, each and every day.

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  1. Keep channeling the Spirit, Tom. You've been spot on with all your posts about Jay. Thanks.