Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The truth about troubles

“I have told you these things so that you can have peace in me. In this world you will have troubles. But be brave! I have defeated the world!”

John 16:33
Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

Jesus Christ, giving his followers a reality check during conversation over dinner.

Ironman and tough dude Jay Erwin is settling into rehab and we're reconnected, thanks to social media and Facebook. The guy is in the midst of the biggest game-changer in his life, yet he professes the Lord and embraces the journey ahead.

I wrote earlier about peace; now I'll comment on troubles. Jesus revealed the dark underbelly of his teachings, which flies in the face of what many purport to be the modern Christian message. No, the Jesus club doesn't get you a new Cadillac Escalade and it's not for sure your daughter is getting into the sorority of her choice. Instead, Jesus promises trouble.

It's the degree of trouble I struggle with. I had my own personal battle will illness and paralysis, but I rehabbed out in three months. That plays out like little league compared to Jay's challenge. Some seem to skate through life rather unscathed, while others take one hit to the solar plexus after another.

Bottom line, you can go it alone, or go it with God. It's a choice we are all free to make. During my runs with Jay, church and God and how it integrated into our lives always rose to the surface. Now I know that he was putting faith nuggets in the bank, for when he needed them most...right now.

By the way, I just watched Ironman 3. At the conclusion, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) retreats back into normality. His home is destroyed; he destroys his fleet of protective robots and has his super-power nuclear energy chest icon removed. As he drives away, he states:

"You can take away my suits, you can take away my home, but there's one thing you can never take away from me: I am Iron Man."

Jay, on this day, these words are for you. Strength and peace, bro.

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