Monday, December 2, 2013

Ironman tells his story

I had a chance to drop through Atlanta over the Thanksgiving weekend and see Jay "Ironman" Erwin at his rehab center.

The Shepherd Center ( is a world-class organization; Jay is part of a full time program where he is transitioning back and getting ready to re-engage his community and workplace. He has made substantial gains and has upgraded to a self-propelled chair.

We had a chance to unpack some thoughts and feelings. Most influential to me was Jay's story about his life and faith. He told me he had been stripped down to nothing, then found the Lord. Three weeks prior to his accident, Jay told me he was having a prayer and told God that he was thankful for all the good things in his life. He promised that no matter what the circumstance, he would keep being thankful.

Then a tree fell and crushed his body.

Jay stated that much has been taken away, but that he will continue to proclaim his faith and lean on God.

I drove away, thinking about my own core values and to what length I'd go to protect and profess them. I'd like to believe I'd be like Jay, but I am not sure.

That's why Jay Erwin is Ironman. He sets the bar high and demonstrates his conviction.

Can't fault a man for that.

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