Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Long Black Road" resonates in "American Hustle"

Last evening, I went to see "American Hustle." I'm not going to throw out spoilers about the plot and eventual outcome.

However, if one wishes to time travel back to the late 1970's in style, interaction and music, see this movie.

The overall soundtrack is exceptional, but in my mind, one song was predominant. It's "Long Black Road" via Jeff Lynne and the Electric Light Orchestra. There's a back story on the song, in that it was not released and well known in the 1970's and was actually released on an ELO album in 2001.

In context of the movie, this song resonates big time. I have checked some Internet threads and many others were as I was...out of the theater and Googling their way to this tune.

Click on the video above and give it a listen. Share your opinion. Am I missing something from today's music scene? Do lyrics, vocals with harmony and lead/rhythm guitar like this still exist?

Seeing "American Hustle" and then living in the afterglow of this song made for a very appealing and complete entertainment experience.

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