Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Run your own no-cost social media dashboard

If there's one known fact about managing social media, it's that there is a complex combination of channels to address. The monster needs to be fed on a daily basis and if one is not careful, it becomes an overwhelming and many times low ROI task.

I have attempted to use the free versions of several social media dashboards, but just couldn't get the comfortable with the process. It was either too complicated, or the dashboard branded my messages with their identity, which in a way waters down my own brand-building.

So, here's what I'd suggest for your own custom program:

1) Open a new web browser window, specifically for your social media proliferation.

2) Open each of your platforms under a separate tab. For me, that's Blogger for my four blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

3) Set as many connectors as your can. For example, my blog posts autofeed onto my Google+ page; I now have access to blog posting functions on LinkedIn and when I'm finished, I get a prompt to post on Twitter.

4) Source a key message once, then move it across the other platforms. I'm getting pretty copy-and-paste fast with this. I write a blog post, it posts to Google+, then I might copy to Facebook, move it once again to LinkedIn, then use the Twitter opt-in to post there.

I leave this dedicated browser window open and when an idea hits me, I blog fast and transfer.

Just a tip here: Message short, but message more. Your readers will love you for it.

Let me know how this works for you.

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