Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Amazon self-publishing is #PoweredByIndie

You might call it my hobby, or possibly my portal to self-expression.

Or, my dreams for what might become a new audience, customers who find value in what I choose to share.

That's the magic of Amazon self-publishing. Having gone the route of trying to find a publisher in the past, Amazon presents a freedom that motivates me to write.

When I'm done with a book, it's going to press. There are no "maybe's" or "it's a long shot."

Log into Kindle (digital version) and CreateSpace (on demand paperback), upload your manuscript and cover, and within hours your product is available to a worldwide audience. I take pride in the fact I am self-taught in every aspect of indie publishing. When I wasn't quite talented enough to create a custom designed Adobe wrap around cover, I learned to use a function in Amazon's create cover tool, where I can upload PDF front and back covers designed in Microsoft Publisher. I might be old school, but learning and finding solutions is part of the excitement.

Amazon is celebrating all authors who have the courage to proceed. The event is called #PoweredByIndie, a shout-out to all of us who have embraced the independent author lifestyle.

If you'd like to check out my personal author page, click to There's also an Amazon landing page for aspiring authors, check that out at

Amazon self-publishing is the platform that will unleash the visions and dreams you hold deep inside. Just start typing.

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