Friday, October 21, 2016

Wray Ward did it right for App State advertising students

Everyone in the Appalachian State Advertising Club was excited to be forming a new relationship with Wray Ward Creative Marketing Communications. We had a great report from one of our students; Maidenly Pham had completed a copywriting internship at the agency this summer and glowed when she spoke of the experience. The field trip was scheduled and we departed from our mountain home in Boone to the larger Charlotte metro market.

Rusty Williams, Wray Ward Studio Director, was our gracious host. He offered the agency walk around, gave an overview presentation, then was patient and kind as our students drilled down with questions. Based on Rusty's approachable nature, students engaged well, and came away with a newfound passion for the advertising industry.

University education is necessary for most to launch an advertising career. But the real world, example driven narrative our students received today is mandatory if one wants to comprehend the fast paced, competitive marketplace. We discussed being interactive in meetings; the power of collaboration; how to "sweat" the details when sending applications; the need to be assertive; and the need to engage others without being told to do so.

A sincere thanks also goes out to Jennifer Appleby, who does it all as President, Chief Creative Officer and Owner at Wray Ward. She told our students that you might not always know the path, but exceptional opportunities are just ahead.

It's asking a lot of professionals to interrupt their busy schedules, to coach and encourage emerging/future leaders in the advertising industry. I would like to folks at Wray Ward to know our time together today proved to be exceptional. It was a portal for students to view the future, to dream more deeply, and to face the internal fears that exist. Thanks to #wrayward for being partners who care.

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