Friday, December 9, 2016

30 pound weight loss part 1: Get your head right

I've been on a journey over the past five months. I cut 30 pounds. Went from an out of control 194 to hovering around 165 today. There have been a lot of detours and restarts along the way. I thought it a good time to share as we head in the food-binge holiday season.

There's a big piece many overlook and that's getting your head right. Before you jump on the latest prescribed weight crash program, start to think. Frame your mind with all things related to food and fitness:

1) Alter your news aggregator to feed diet and nutrition news. Bring it to the front. When you check in on laptop, tablet or smart phone, make sure you are building your knowledge and setting your consciousness to your "program of study."

2) Get into podcasts and feed your mind with audio messaging. Set aside the music and sync some of the dozens of food and fitness programs that are available for free. Perfect for car, walking, gym, etc. If you would like to learn about some I recommend, leave a message.

3) This is old school, but grab a book. OK, if it's in digital form, that's fine, too. Keep the book in your backpack or briefcase so that it jumps out at you several times during the day. Set it next to your workstation.

The goal throughout all of this is to begin with the end in mind. The majority of weight loss programs fail. The psychology of the process is what will get you to you desired end result.

More to come soon.

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