Friday, December 16, 2016

30 pound weight loss part 2: Cheater days are deadly

Losing weight is hard. And staying on track to lose weight is even more difficult.

I have reviewed several highly promoted weight loss plans that advocate for "cheater days" where it's posited you can let loose and go crazy, as often as once per week.

Don't do it.

Most of weight loss is a psychological house of cards. It's fragile and each day is a challenge. Eat well, or go where the mind wants to take you. One day it's roasted vegetables, while the next can be a bucket of candy, thick crust pizza and chocolate malts.

It's quite possible to completely fall off your diet journey through one day of cheater eating. The threat of failure closes in and you see yourself as a failed experiment. The melancholy of a food binge can lead to the need for even more satiation. So one mistake turns into a diet fail.

No one is perfect, least of all me. I have had several binge days and then the shadow that's over my head after those actions. When I wrote Mind Over Diet and more recently Food is My Lover, the ultimate focus was on the power of eating within the mind and how it can control us, if we allow it.

If you do suffer a binge day. Use personal psychology to fight back and get strong. Remember that the weight didn't come off in one day, so this current screw up won't crash your plans. Get strong and love yourself. You are strong, you came this far. Don't let the food demons shut your down.

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