Thursday, December 22, 2016

30 pound weight loss part 4: The blame game of "Moderation"

Here comes the holiday season. You gather to share food and festivities. Grandma loves to prepare treats, so after dinner she sets out three pies, two cakes, and an assortment of cookies.

What's a weight loss advocate to do? According to many experts, it's about moderation. Don't buy into that, even for a moment. Here's why.

ABC News reported that there are currently 100 million dieters in the United States, investing $20 billion a year into the weight loss industry. Of that 100 million, how many do you believe consumed food in moderation?

It's noble to aspire to moderation, but let's get practical. A portion of meat the size of your fist; 8-10 almonds at one time; cereal in one half cup servings. That's not realistic and few will adhere to moderation over a period of time.

There's an old adage that states"some people live to eat; other people eat to live." Which are you?

I have known only a handful of "eat to live" consumers. In the past they might have been referred to as "picky eaters" but in reality, these individuals held total control over their food. I have one good friend who can come to a pizza party, have one slice, start a second, take two bites and push his plate away. This is imperative in the learning process, I write about it in Mind Over Diet and Food is My Lover.

Let's be honest, what's your MO when pizza, cheese sticks and brownies are in front of you? Why can't you be moderate and govern your intake?

Some of us just aren't wired for a small taste of good things. This is where weight loss can be tough. Surviving the Christmas goodies is difficult. Will you be moderate? Half a cookie, one and done? Or, does one cookie, then two or three, lead to a cheater day? That can be a psychological crash for your overall eating plan.

There are no easy solutions. I'd suggest staying on course with your current eating plan. It may be your daily intake of apples, bananas and a protein bar. Keep a low profile, don't draw attention, and stay with the plan.

Let's wish each other the best as we gain courage and face the food this holiday season.

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