Saturday, December 17, 2016

Can we reconcile a polarized society?

For many, the New Year will mark a time of resolution. As we assess and recall the previous year, it might be possible to redirect and commit to behaviors that benefit oneself and the society around us.

As a university professor, it is important to model the behavior that I believe is best for students. I am a long time advocate of respectful civic debate. Where we allow all to speak, to be heard, and learn from each other. To create a "safe space" for public discourse.

My New Year's resolution will be to strive more completely to understand. When I note an individual demeaning another faction, I will stop and contemplate those beliefs that may be different from my own.

If we take a purposeful pause to ponder, we may soften the rift within our country. It's my opinion we'll be in a better place if we stop shouting and instead speak softly and with love. To return to a state of citizenship where there is no fear to share all points of view, in respectful dialog.

To debate well, one must fully understand the other point of view. That's a resolution I'll continue to embrace throughout 2017.


  1. Great post! Along with the Lance sponsorship court case and the US debt acknowledgment, this is my favorite - Mueller always working to take away the pain : )

  2. Dana thank you. You truly understood my "no pain" mantra. I think more now than ever about taking pain away. I examine my character, then try to exemplify my best to those around me.