Tuesday, December 20, 2016

30 pound weight loss part 3: Stay down-low on diet

For most, the physical and emotional aspects of weight loss can be daunting. It's a tough journey and challenging to make the it through the process.

I'd suggest a weighted factor for success is to be private about your weight loss plan. Most individuals mean well, but after you disclose you are dieting, conversations can turn troublesome.

Let's say you're attending a morning yoga class. While warming up, you declare you're on the new _____ diet, have been doing it for _____ weeks, and to date you have lost ______ pounds.

Here is where trouble can begin. People will want to respond. Sme of what comes at you will get inside your psyche and ping around in your brain. Comments on "how you look" or about "seeing some change" can play against your own self-perception.

The key to long term weight loss is to be authentic to yourself. How you feel about your weight day by day, what you see in the mirror, and your vision for 2017 (both Mind Over Diet and Food is My Lover address the view-in-the-mirror paradigm).

When meaning-well comments come at you, it has the power to add doubt to your cognitive process; the affective (emotional) usually follows. Am I actually seen as heavier than I see myself? After all this work, She hasn't seen the change? He says the diet I'm on doesn't work?

It's advised to stay on the down-low. Keep it private. Control the messaging coming in, don't leave it out in the open for comment. Be quiet inside, rest your mind, and continue to press forward on your own terms.

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