Thursday, January 5, 2017

30 pound weight loss part 5: Christmas holiday rebound

It is finished. The Christmas and New Year's festivities are complete. What remains for many is the eating carnage that occurred.

You may be similar to me, sliding off the path of healthy eating on several occasions. I blew it for a few days and then (not recommended) skipped dinner meals to compensate for sugar and other empty calories.

Getting back on track is psychological, the thought process is critical to framing your recovery. What is past, cannot be redone. Balance your transgressions against the good that lies within you. Meditate on the days you lived well and fueled your body with nutritious food. Those days exist, they are "in your bank." What is useful to remember is that it takes many good days to succeed in a weight loss program; conversely, you cannot destroy a good plan with a few days of bad behavior.

It is sometimes necessary to reboot our mind and bodies. That can come through something much better than fasting. Consider a "nutrition flush." Eat in a symbolic way, assuring yourself that each bite going into your body is part of your healing process.

Each bite of crispy apple. Slow chewing and swallowing of a just-ripe-enough banana. My brother gave me a bag of flax seed for Christmas. That brought back memories, from the 90's when we were into the Paul Stitt/Natural Ovens diet. Of course, that was grain based, which has been demonized in recent studies and promotions. Nonetheless, flax is proven to have advantageous qualities, so I scooped a couple of large spoonfuls into my mouth, then washed it down with a frozen banana/soy protein smoothie.

I pictured the pure nutrition flowing into my body. This is much of how I have framed the food dilemma when I authored  Mind Over Diet and Food is My Lover. The mind must lead the body into future action.

Now that we're getting back on track, I'll follow up with some suggestions on the food with fitness combo.

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