Thursday, April 6, 2017

10 day Total Gym Challenge: Energize and Optimize

I've been posting on my Facebook feed, for the past 10 days. On these concluding remarks, I wanted to share across my ProfWriter blog platform. I had been reading recent research on how slow motion weight resistance is most beneficial. I applied that to my daily Total Gym workout and wrote about it.

Lessons to consider:

1) Do something, every day. My "secret" to fitness at 60 years old is to keep on, keeping on. Left foot, right foot, walk your journey every day. Not all of it will be stellar. Some is mundane. On those days when things aren't well or right, do a little bit. It's mental, emotional, to stay engaged.

2) Fight back. I had a couple of junk food days, bad decision making. Sure, I felt bad. But I focus my mind on resilience. I was also transitioning off a (bad idea for me) low carb diet. It just doesn't work well for vegetarians (I have been one for 17 years). If you look at the ketosis charts, many suggest less than 100 grams of carbs a day. I was trying to do it on protein bars, egg beaters and Swiss cheese. Forget it. I'm back to fruits and roasted vegetables. The strength of body and mind came back in a matter of days. Learn from your mistakes.

3) Help others. We are all working from our own place in life. Some will always be physically and emotional fragile, while others will be more settled. Step in, right where you are, and encourage others. Be compassionate. There is no more important time in society, in recent history, to demonstrate good character and concern for those around us. Show someone you care, it matters. My 10 day "challenge" was about being transparent, so that readers might consider their own fitness and nutrition goals.

4) Experiment. Make tiny changes and see what happens. Walk fast, walk slow. Lift weights with rapid reps, then go slo mo. Feel the difference. Adapt based on what you learn, It's fun, it's advantageous.

5) Optimize for age. Don't look back, to what you once were. I'm a former runner, over 75 marathons, dozens of ultras, nine 100-mile run finishes. Doesn't matter now. I walk, I use the Total Gym. Think of where you stand in life. What's 100% for who you are today? Are you 70%, 80%? I work on the best I can be, with the limits I must accept.

That's it for summary comments comments on my 10 day experience. I'd love it if you came along, maybe for the next 10 days. Tell me, tell others, share and care. Treat others as you would wish to be treated. Can't be better than that.

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